Omni-C™ Award Program 

Project Proposal Guidelines

Dovetail Genomics is excited to put the Omni-C™ kit into the hands of the community through the Omni-C™ Award Program.  Through 30th September 2019, NEW EXTENDED DEADLINE OF 15TH OCTOBER 2019 we are welcoming submissions for projects that will benefit from the superior uniformity of coverage Omni-C™ delivers.

Approved proposals will receive matching funds in the form of a 50% discount off the list price for the Omni-C™ kits required within scope the project.

Omni-C™ Highlights:

  • A sequence-indepen­dent endonuclease-based Dovetail™ proximity-liga­tion protocol
  • Increases the ge­nomic coverage of a proximity-ligation assay, there­fore expanding the efficiency of each sequencing run by covering more of the genome and reducing biases imposed by RE site density.
  • Generates libraries where more of the genome is included in analyses and thereby making the data more versatile and unbiased by RE sites.
  • Easy to follow, 2-day work­flow:
    • Day 1 - Sample Prep & Proximity Ligation
    • Day 2 - Library Generation resulting in an Illumina ready sequencing library
  • Three molecular biolo­gy-based quality control checks that are predictive of library quality
  • Open-source library QC tool provided
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